Colonial Cavalry painted by Battledress Studios

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Battledress Studios - Painting service

Big Battalions - Fine quality painted wargaming units at a price you can afford

Caliver Books - Wargames Books, Magazines and Rules

Chelgames - High Quality bags and cases for transporting your figures, paint, and gaming accessories

Chelifer Books - Collectors volumes of Military and historical interest

Chrysalis - Publishers of Brassey's Military, Conway's naval, and Putnam's Aeronautical books

Crusader Miniatures - Finest quality detailed miniatures for wargamers and the collector

Dixon Miniatures - 28mm Figures for the discerning Wargamer

English Computer Wargames - Computer moderated wargames

Fernando Painting Services - low cost painting service.

Figures in Comfort - Quality transport for your models

Front Rank Figurines - The finest 28mm models from The Medieval Era to Waterloo

Gladiator Miniatures - Gladiator Games is a premiere figure supplier

GJM Miniatures - Collector quality painting for wargamers

HCH Painted Figures - Super quality and a super price

Hovels - The leading manufacturer of wargaming Buildings and Accessories in the U.K.

Irregular Miniatures

Lance and Musket - Painting service

Martin Robson - High quality painting service

Matchlock Miniatures - Extensive Ranges of 15mm Figures

Miniature Wargames - One of the best Wargames Magazines in the world

Newbold World - Superb Fantasy models, and a whole World to explore

Old Glory - 'Simply the Finest' 15mm 20mm & 25mm Figures plus Terrain, Buildings & Rules

Outland Games - Wargames Figures, Rules, Accessories from the U.S.A.

Partizan Press - producing a very wide range of magazines

Testudo - fine figures from Italy

Tin Soldier U.K. - Top quality 15mm and 25mm historical and fantasy figure

T.F.T.  - The highest quality sci-fi resin terrain, just check out the add!

T.M. terrain. The finest custom built terrain you can doubt about it!

T.S.S. Scenic boards for the discerning wargamer

Tumbling Dice - High quality figures and models for the discerning gamer and collector

Two Dragons - 15mm figures

Wargames Illustrated - The World's Foremost Wargames Magazine


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