Tumbling Dice
96 Sandfield Rd.
Nottingham, NG5 6QJ.
Tel. 0115 926 8800,
Fax. 0115 966 3148
UK Flat Rate Charge 1.00
European Min. Charge 2.00 10% of order value to max. of 10.00
World Min. Charge 2.00 20% of order value to max. of 20.00
For catalogue and samples please send 5 x 1st class stamps or IMO's


20mm Figure Ranges

Old Contemptibles, WWI Range C.1862, American Civil War Range
Blitzkrieg, WWII Range C.1854, Crimean War Range
C.1066 Normans, Saxons & Vikings C.1250, Early Frankish, Later Frankish, Mongols & Early Japanese
C.1480, Wars of the Roses & Swiss C.1642, Thirty Years & English Civil Wars

Other Ranges

1 600th Aircraft 1 2400th Ships


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