A Review of the Shows

John Sharples and friends take a look around the wargames shows...

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Partizan 2004 Salute 2004 Triples 2004
Vapnartak Sci Fi and Fantasy at Fantizan Phalanx and FiascoII
Warfare Dadi.com2003 Games Day
Colours- at Newbury Other Partizan Derby
Claymore Britcom Ceasefire

Battlegroup South

Partizan 2003

Triples 2003

Salute 2003

Fantasy Partizan

Alumwell 2003

Varnapatak 2003

Recon 2002

Marcher 2002

Warfare 2002

Fiasco II 02

Wargamer 02

Phalanx 2002

The Other Partizan 2002

Ceasefire 02

Sheffield Triples 2002

Fiasco 2002


West Midland Military Show

 Alumwell 2002


S.O.D.S. Skirmish-Dec 2001


Phalanx-Oct. 2001
Nov 2001
World Championships at Derby
Oct. 2001
Colours at Reading
Sept. 2001

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