God's Acre

    This edition of God's Acre was published in the United States by Heritage Models Publishing Division in 1977. It's not entirely as published, but I've changed as little as possible. The original suffered somewhat from my desire to get away from WRG formats, long since extinct. The Whole Figure Casualty Table, which I first wrote in a slightly different format in 1979, has been included, because most of us have forgotten the arcane art of recording casualties. And its adoption forced some minor changes to morale procedures etc.

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    If you want to play them then, please don't download the HTML, take a zip or exe version by clicking on the appropriate logo below. The rules may be downloaded from Wargames Forum free of charge, by anyone visiting the site. They may be printed out for that person's personal use.

However, the Rules may not be further reproduced or sold on, and remain the Copyright of : D. B. Millward.

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