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Articles presented for your pleasure. Random Shots seeks to bring you items of enlightenment, from writers both new and familiar. You are invited to submit material covering the whole range of wargaming and military interest.

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  Unit Frontages in the Age of Reason by Dave Millward

  Dreadnought by Simon Norburn

  War Grave by Simon Norburn

  Lessons in Wargaming - The Battle of Delium - by Bob Crumpton
  The Adventures of Robin Hood - by Moif
  De Bellis Airfixus - By Phil Barker
  The Difficulties of a 21st Century Phalanx Commander - By Bob Crumpton
  More Advanced Basings - More tips from Steve Crofts
  The Origins Of Games Workshops's Chaos! - The backgound to Warhammer World.
  Crofts' Secrets - Steve Crofts lets you into the top secret techniques he uses to bring his models to life
  Games Day, and the Games Workshop Hobby - Show report and musings on the phenomena of GW
  Battle of Sahagun - John Moores army hits out at the French, an account from the Portsmouth Napoleonic Society  Adventures in the Back of Beyond - South East Scotland wargamers spill the beans on their fascinating campaign
  Gaines Mill - ACW action, with a contemporary account, and then a report of a refight from Mosborough and District Wargamers

More sickeningly good work from Martin Robson

Through Mud and Blood...... Marked "Top Secret" these documents outlined the tactics for the operation of the tanks at Cambrai, as far as we are aware they have not been published previously.
Monte Cassino - Phil Vernon reports on Sherwood Wargames Group magnificent award winning games
Big Battalions - Andy Copestake lets in rip, love him or hate him, he is worth reading!
Chronology of the British Civil War - 1643 - Part 2 of John Ramscars's research marathon
Games Workshop, The Two Towers and the future of Wargaming
Chronology of the Civil Wars - 1642 - John Ramscar's mammoth research project starts here
Size does matter! - Its all a matter of scale
Bloody Badajoz - Part2 of the Editor's Peninsular exploration
Oh How It Grew! - Ever wonder what it takes to put on an award winning display game?
  A walk in the sun - Part One of a guide to Peninsular War battlefields, and how to survive the trip
  History is Bunk! - Andy Copestake lets rip!
  Cremona - The attempted storming of the Northern Italian city in 1702
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