Random Shorts

A new section to Wargames Forum, designed to allow all those budding authors, or gamers with something to get off their chests the opportunity to get into print.

This section will feature the numerous short articles, tips, and hints that are mailed to me, so if you have something to say....let me know.

Features for this page may be E-Mailed to webmaster@wargames.co.uk


The Battle of Haarlem Heights
Holiday pics from the ACW


Flamwerfer from Paul Colfer

Return of the King
Seymour Relief Expedition
Action at Tofrek
The Glossary Game
Blue Bears
The Journal
Balin's Guard, the painter's view
Greenhill Books, the tale behind their latest volume
Fear Nothing but God - Monmouth Rebellion
Korea - A Lesson from History

Figure painting by Paul Colfer

Operation Bluecoat
Thieves  Dishonesty and irresponsibility, .....just what we don't need!
The Italian Job - A visitors impression of Sheffield Triples
Napoleonic Fair -The final salute!
Newbold Enterprises- A complete galaxy of games, figures and novels
Where Have All The Heroes Gone? - Simon Norburn ponders the question
Northern DBM League News
D.B.N. - a fresh approach to Napoleonics
British Model Soldier Society - Manchester Area meetings for 2003
Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers - is it worth the hype?
Senussi Revolt - New figures and a new conflict to many!
Welsh Indians - More thought provoking stuff from Bob Black
News from the Battlefield Trust - site visits and activities in the North West

Hoplites from Brian Holroyd of Chesterfield


The Fall Of the Big Men - a tale of treachery and slaughter
Fast play Indian Wars rules - Solo fun and games from Mark Ainsworth
Elan 3rd Edition
Crusader November Update
Merry Christmas - an unbeatable Xmas deal from Elite Miniatures
Black Bob - from Bob Black
Crusader Update - What's New from this new trader?

Please remember to mention Wargames Forum when contacting traders!

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