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Reviewed by Steve Crofts



First Thoughts


On first glance of the items submitted for review the detail stood out, all the items were finely sculpted and it was easily apparent that the manufacturer had taken a lot of time and thought making these lovely little items.

Although aimed at the fantasy and fantasy RPG side of the hobby some of the items available that I looked at would, I feel, be perfectly suited to historical gamers, thinking on the lines of  Ancient and medieval gamers in particular.

So without further ado I’ll get on with a full description….




First up is a nicely sculpted set of blankets and pillow, plenty of detail is on the model, (which to be honest all the models are not lacking), this consists of what looks to be a fur under blanket, pillow and a couple of top blankets, the “bed” is not made and is nicely askew, and as I mentioned earlier would look right at home in a dungeon or a Viking long house ect…

Next is a torch and wall bracket, again highly detailed, the flames are very nicely modelled and a nice lit effect should be achieved when painted. All the details are nicely cut and should suit a number of painting styles including dry brushing and picking out highlights.


A really nice piece is a tiny tankard with a beautifully sculpted rope effect handle, this has got to have taken some time to make as the roping is really accurately portrayed, a credit to the sculptor for managing that very fine detail alone.


A pair of shields was the next thing I looked at; these can be mounted on a wall of a building or laid to one side as filling decoration, they do look used and have odd bits of damage sculpted into them which I feel gives them the used look and not the pristine brand new and unused look about them, all details are again finely crafted on this pair of round shields and again will fit in with quite a few different gaming genres and periods.

Other items sent included a door and stone frame with separate door handle and separate lock; these are designed to fit on a scratched building or a dungeon wall ect… also for scratch builders there was a set of window shutters, all of which attention to detail is very evident, and to a high standard.






There was a little clean up needed but the resin used is not the normal hard stuff that most manufacturers use this resin is a sort of soft but strong type that seems to clean very easily and as a point of not doesn’t tend to break easily when dropped, although I did find that the door Jamb was a little brittle in places but some decent superglue did get it back together and no real harm was done.




Everything was primed with my usual grey spray paint primer, this attached very well, (just like spraying minis really).

It was when the primer was on that all the detail that had been sculpted into the items really stood out, a real sight to the eye I can tell you!


Painting was a doddle, the items seemed to paint themselves, each successive coat and shade bringing the items to life.

As I mentioned earlier the items will take easily to different styles of painting and should look great even with the simplest of paint jobs.


Question Time


Clay, (The manufacturer of the items), was good enough to answer a few questions I asked, here they are and I hope they are useful to you.


1.      you do seem to have a few items that are not readily available or easy to find in the market place, the torches for instance, do you intend to work on this area where the market is quite bare of these type of items?


       Yes, I am going to try to make things no other company will waste their shelf space on, or stock. I also try to make pieces that will enhance a scratch built model.


2.      What are you working on at the moment?


        I am working on a Dwarf barrel bed, and a stronghold door. I just finished a steel door and a hatch for Sci-Fi game models.


3.      When are you hoping to release this/these items.


      In a week or so.


4.      Are you open to ideas from customers?


      Yes, I need input from gamers.


5.      How long roughly does it take for a new project to become available for sale?


      3 to 4 weeks from start to finish.


6.      Do you stock your goods or do you cast to order? reason I ask is for the turnaround time for persons placing orders.


       It depends, I stock some things that I sell often, and cast to order others. The turn around time is more or less a week, even for overseas orders.



Final Thoughts


A really nice set of accessories that were sent for review, and if there is something in particular that you are looking for have a word with Clay and I’m sure he’ll do his best to help you out.

Check out the Modelers attic website, where there are more goodies to behold.


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