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One of the good things about editing this site is that occasionally small mysterious packages clump through My letter box, totally unexpectedly. When these turn out to be wargaming figures or paraphernalia life suddenly seems brighter.

This time the package arrived from Chiltern Miniatures, and contained a small selection of their current ranges, and a pleasure it was to receive them.

The first to immediately grab the eye is a wonderful World War 2 German Officer, standing in greatcoat and peaked cap holding a machine pistol at the ready. I love this model.

Supplementing the officer are an NCO in field cap, and a infantryman in winter clothing with balaclava and fur cap, he is armed with a rifle. All these figures are in a chunky 28mm scale, with exceptional facial definition and equipment detail. All of the casting is clean, with sharp undercuts on the detail that should make them an absolute joy to paint.

Accompanying the German were a pair of US "Grunts" from the Vietnam Range. Again the models are sturdy 28mm, and again the detail is exceptional. These are big powerful guys, and they have to be to carry the loads they are humping around. The first model has a field officer standing speaking into a radio hand set, the second had a rifleman advancing warily with his M-16 held ready at waist height.

Last but by no means least there is a familiar Napoleonic Rifles officer, stood bareheaded in a heavy greatcoat, in his scarred hand he carries a wicked looking heavy cavalry sabre, and could be wearing French cavalry overalls. I should say at once he looks nothing like Sean Bean, but is altogether chunkier, darker and more menacing, every inch a hero I reckon. Excellent!

Apart from these superb 28mm models, Chiltern Miniatures also produce a range of resin cast buildings to supplement the Eastern front and Viet Nam ranges, model aircraft, vehicles, 1/76th crews for plastic models, acrylic paints and a stack of other goodies, so do yourself a favour and contact them at 60 Elsenham St, London, SW18 5NT (large SAE and 2x 1st class stamps for full listing) or


Please remember to mention Wargames Forum when contacting traders!


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