I receive a number of pics from loyal supporters of the Forum, that I can mot always find room to display on the main pages. This is a great pity as they should be viewed by a wider audience. I have decided to introduce the Gallery page for these pics, so if you have a favourite photo of your ever victorious army, an etching of your award winning paint job, or daguerreotype of your club in action, please send them to me (in jpeg format) and I will attempt to post it here. However please remember that we are not a XXX site, so keep them clean!


Figures by Brigade Games


Superb paintwork by Martin Robson


Bill the Butcher in closeup



WW1 AV7 tank


Space marine from Peter Rowley


More of the work of Mark Kernan, check out the pics in the new poem "The Plains of Waterloo"


The man himself from Jonathon Ward


Submitted by "TheOneTree Miniatures"



Operation Epsom


Saxon Church


Universal Carriers


Slingers from Carl Robson


Border reivers


Peninsular Officer from Mark Oates



Polish Voltigeur from Steve Crofts


French Ordnance


German with a Varus eagle by Paul Colfer


A Stug in the grass from Pete Andress


Roman artillery from Tony Welch




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