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Crusader - 28mm Normans, 7 years war, fantasy

Dixon Miniatures - 15mm; 20mm and 25mm figures of the highest quality

Front Rank figurines - 28mm from the Middle Ages to Napoleonics

Gladiator Miniatures - Gladiator Games is a premiere figure supplier

  Irregular Miniatures - 2mm to 54mm, a truly vast Range of figures and equipment

Matchlock Miniatures - Distribution via Caliver Books

Old Glory- 15mm; 20mm and 25mm figures 'simply the finest'

Outpost Games- 15mm WWII and other figures

   Testudo - New 15mm Ancient and 17th century figures from Italy 

  Tin Soldier U.K. - the finest 15mm and 25mm historical and fantasy figures

Two Dragons- Extensive 15mm Figures Ranges

  1st Corps - New Release 25mm Persian Wars Figures

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