Summer 2006


Front Rank Infantry painted by Big Battalions

Editorial - June 2006

Not with a whimper, but a bang!

John Sharples has ably and virtually single handed maintained this web site for some 3 years whilst I was incarcerated with Inchcape Shipping Services; nobly serving the humble merchant ship wherever it was.  (Should it care to pay for our services, of course.)  Well Inchcape have set sail without me; I have been replaced by some 4 Indian programmers in the sub-continent.  This has had the effect of reducing my financial status to that of pauper whilst increasing my free time phenomenally.

So, not content with playing CIV 4 until it came out of my ears I have now time to take a more active role in the site.   John, who has been banging on about me doing more is going to take a bit of a rest - but will still be a valued contributor to the site - on your behalf I would like to say thank you for all of his hard work.  He kept the site going when I could not; it is thanks to him that we still have our million and a half pages read every year.

He is heavily committed as an international lacrosse player; should you ever meet him then get him to tell you some of his yarns of skullduggery and dirty tricks on and off the playing field.  I trust that he will not mind me disclosing this small fact about him.   His email address will remain as JOHN@WARGAMES.CO.UK - so if you wish to contact him please use this address and not the webmaster address which will go to the web team.

So - to the future. We are looking to increase the content of the site with a series of regular feeds.  For those of you who use it we will be instituting an RSS feed - this will notify you whenever the site changes.  The forums have a major upgrade - this was done during the England Paraguay Soccer Match - there will be no access but there will at least be something else to take your mind off this down time.

The clubs section is being redesigned as is the bring and buy.  For those of you keen on advertising there will be a new simple automatic way of uploading an advert.  Advertising in this manner will cost less than 10p per day - this has to be an all time bargain!  We will of course carry on with bespoke advertising as well.

I am in the process of collecting all of the Brassey's Naval Annuals from 1888 to 1950 when it ceased to be a Navy publication.  Bits and pieces of them will be published as general interest articles - I would like to thank Dave Millward for assisting in putting the Dreadnought Article up.

Other factual, opinion and general interest articles will appear along with many illustrations.  You can see a sample of my ranting here. We will be using google adverts to recoup some of our operating costs.   Some premium facilities will be charged for but that will not include content access.

Should anyone be interested in taking part in this vital piece of the British economy, please email me indicating what you would, could, or might do for wargames.co.uk. 

Thanks for reading this,





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