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 New for 2007

  Events Diary  Events Diary updated 15/10/07
  Wargames Magazine  with the June issue, Wargames Soldiers & Strategy goes monthly! 22/06/07
  Miniature Wargames  Latest Issue 02/09/07
Wargames Illustrated  Latest Issue 02/09/07
  Random Shots  Dave Millward looks at Unit Frontages in the Age of Reason 13/05/07
 After the War A poem submitted by a Wargames Forum viewer 05/11/06
  WAB Scenario The battle of Mons Badonicus using WAB...  19/08/06
  Willie McBride Simon gets cross with Eric Bogle... 03/06/06
  HMS Dreadnought A contemporary description of HMS Dreadnought from 1907 03/06/06
  Battledress Studios One of our oldest advertisers changes address 29/05/06
  Barbarossa  An American view of one of our Free download Wargames Rules 29/05/06
Old Glory  More New 40mm figures from Old Glory 21/05/06
Front Rank  New releases and pictures from Front Rank 21/05/06
Game Review  A new version of a classic computer game, reviewed by Glenn Slater 03/01/06

A rider of Rohan, painted by Battledress Studios


Modern Italian Forces from D & P Minis

High Quality Painting from Martin Robson - see Commissioned Ranks


Please remember to mention Wargames Forum when contacting traders!

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