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Last Year

Miniature Wargames  Latest Issue 28/12/05
Wargames Illustrated  Latest Issue 28/12/05
English Computer Wargames  A change of address 04/12/05
Editorial  An update from the Webmaster 24/11/05
Monolith Designs  Some excellent 28mm Dark Age villagers, and no, the third one along is not the Web Director ! 09/11/05
Modeller's Attic   some very useful 28mm Accessories 09/11/05
Ainsty Castings  Exciting new Castings from Ainstey 07/11/05
Miniature Wargames  Latest Issue 06/11/05
Wargames Illustrated  Latest Issue 18/10/05

 Summer '05

Old Glory  More New 10mm Ancients from Old Glory 0206/05
Cossacks 2 The latest version of the PC classic reviewed 02/6/05
Painter 80 Vene Vidi Vici help you tidy you painting table


Creeks Steve Crofts helps you find realistic rivers for your tables


Crete  Andy Callan checks out the Osprey volume.


Book Review  Martin Robson points out a useful volume on Hitler's Navy


Gods Warriors  Kingdom of Heaven, the Osprey way


Greenhill New releases


Mega Minis Some tasty US morsels for your delight


A Walk in the Woods (Part 1) The spark that started the Seven Years War!


Poem A vivid reminder of the true cost of war.


SS Two Osprey releases checked out


Otto the Fowler A novel for your bookshelves?


AWI Infantry The Continental Infantryman from Osprey.


April & May

Santa Wars  Ho ho ho and pass the flamethrower! 8/04/05
Western Front  Osprey's latest 8/04/05
Thunderbolt Steve Croft's checks out these little beauties 8/04/05
Miniature Wargames Latest Issue 8/04/05
Rampage Important announcement regarding the Team Championships 8/04/05
Wargames Illustrated  Latest Issue 8/04/05
Andy Dumelow  On the move 8/04/05
Not to Be Missed Check those diaries 7/04/05


High Quality Painting from Martin Robson - see Commissioned Ranks below

Old Glory  The Old Glory Shipyard and new releases from many other  ranges 28/2/05
Alexander  Triumph or Tragedy? 17/2/05
HCH Painted figures to go, reviewed 17/2/05
Dadi.Com The editor goes continental 17/2/05
Gaming Weekend Your chance to get away from it all! 17/2/05
Constantinople  Osprey Fortress review 17/2/05
Hinds Figures painted units in all scales, a review 17/2/05
Antenotceti's Workshop   The final touch? 17/2/05
Guam  Osprey review 17/2/05
Painting Guide  Let an expert guide your brush! 17/2/05
GW Ogre Tyrant  painting report from the Snake's lair 17/2/05
Front Rank  Latest releases 17/2/05
The Courier News of this great gaming Journal 17/2/05
Dadi & Piombo Latest issue 17/2/05
Highly Recommended!  A book for your library 17/1/05
Virus warning  Beware! 17/1/05
SAS Brookes's Miniatures Counter Terrorist team checked out 17/1/05
Editorial The Editor sounds off again! 28/12/04
Osprey Looks at Napoleon's Imperial Headquarters 28/12/04
Chiltern Miniatures Steve checks out a couple of modern ranges 28/12/04
Time Commanders You have seen the series, now read the book! 28/12/04
Dungeon Dudes Latest news 28/12/04
Codename Panzers Superb PC game checked out 28/12/04
Games Day Readers comment 28/12/04
Outland Games New contact details 28/12/04
Davis Chandler  A personal obituary 28/12/04
Peninisular War  Brassey's Latest 28/12/04
SOA Battle day  Get the details here 28/12/04
Trafalgar  Well it tickled my fancy........ 28/12/04
Your Wish  .....is My command 28/12/04
Toutatis  A site to view! 28/12/04
Frothers Unite  A double review for your pleasure plus a great offer 28/12/04
Magic Bullet  John Ramscar studies some heavy military theory 28/12/04
The Ogres are here!  the latest horrors from the GW Empire 28/12/04
1901  A Novel with big wargames potential 28/12/04
Anti tank guns The Osprey edition is critically assessed by historian Ian Daglish 28/12/04
Poem In Memoriam - submitted by a reader


Gettysburg  Now Updated - to include Orders of battle and timeline for arrivals


Warneford  Or how to win a Victoria Cross 29/11/04
Continental Infantry Osprey look at the American Revolution 29/11/04
Lancashire Games  The second part of the Marlborough's wars review 29/11/04
Glasgow Wargames Note the new contact details 29/11/04
Pendraken Their big boys, Elizabethan chappies! 29/11/04
Games Day Steve Crofts is lost in fantasy land 29/11/04
First Empire Looking to spend a weekend in France come the spring? 29/11/04
Black Hat  A new company on the market 29/11/04
Elite Miniatures  Latest releases 29/11/04
Gettysburg  The MAD Boys go for the Big One!


Arena Wars  Action for your PC. 10/11/04
Front Rank  Marlborough's wars recorded in pewter, and checked out by Crofts 10/11/04
Dungeon Dudes  More from the dark dank places 10/11/04
Newbold World  More top notch fantasy checked out by Andy Saunders 10/11/04
Final Combat  Rules Review 10/11/04
Not 2 be missed!  Shows, displays, and so much more! 10/11/04
Solo Wargames The Association for the player without an opponent 10/11/04
Guam  The Pacific Campaign given the osprey treatment 10/11/04
South Africa  They are at it again, busy busy! 10/11/04
MLRS - Tank Corps  A very rare volume is reissued, and reviewed by Andy Callan 10/11/04
Vexillia  Got a penny to spare? Then check this out 10/11/04
Blooding the Bull The full story behind one of 2004's best display games 21/10/04
Battlegroup South Graeme Spencer invades the South Coast and plays a quiz 21/10/04
Disability Access A response 21/10/04
Pellenor Fields GW's rules reviewed 21/10/04
Corgi AFVs  Steve Crofts checks out these collector's vehicles, with a wargames eye 1/10/04
Russo -Japanese War  Osprey go East! 1/10/04
Blitzkrieg Commander Andy Saunders reviews a new rules set 1/10/04
Newbold World More superb fantasy from a distant galaxy 1/10/04
Austrian Commanders  Osprey look at some unluck (?) chaps! 1/10/04
Renegade  A Forum reader's view! 1/10/04
Buffalo Soldiers  More from Osprey 1/10/04
Vexillia  Now stocked in the UK 1/10/04
South African News Are they getting ready to conquer the wargaming World? 1/10/04
Home Defences Osprey study Britain's answer to Seelowe 1/10/04
Amazon  Change of contact details for the miniatures co! 8/9/04
Dunbar  Osprey's coverage of Cromwell's victory 8/9/04
Front Rank  Spanish Succession Cavalry now available 8/9/04
Hussites  Medieval excellence from Osprey 8/9/04
Miniature Wargames  October issue Out Now 8/9/04
Napoleon's Allies Osprey turn their eyes to the Balkans 1/09/04


Gentlemen? Bob Crumpton reckons that wargamers are the last ones left. 1/09/04
Mumak of Harad This GW monster gets the Crofts' once over! 1/09/04
The Arditi  Andy Callan reviews the Osprey edition on the Italian Stormtroops 1/09/04
Fantassin 15mm Napoleonics checked out by Andy Saunders 1/09/04
World War 1  Osprey cover the Austro-Hungarians 1/09/04
Free Scenarios  Something for nothing for those looking for something different! 1/09/04
Naval landings   Steve Barbers Napoleonic naval range reviewed 1/09/04
D-Day Companion The great day given the Osprey treatment 1/09/04
Wargames Illustrated The UK's most popular wargames magazine, latest issue 1/09/04
Battles for the West

Scenarios for WW 2 gamers from Partizan Press


WAB's Armies of Chivalry supplement reviewed

Wargaming Weekend Your invitation to a Heavenly gaming experience 16/08/04
History Channel Great news for satellite viewers 16/08/04
Shows  Not to be missed? 16/08/04
*Warning*  If you sell on the Bring and Buy read this! 16/08/04
Osprey  French Revolutionary Infantry 16/08/04
SOA Games Day  Your views and ideas invited 16/08/04
Competition Results

Who won the CDV's Burning Horizons?

Siege of Gondor GW's LOTR rule supplement given the Crofts' treatment 15/08/04
Robin Hood A Historical fantasy? An investigation from Bob Crumpton 15/08/04
North and South 15mm ACW reviewed by Andy Saunders 15/08/04
Inuit MY Miniatures with something really really different! 15/08/04
Hirst Arts Steve Crofts again checking out a source of historical buildings 15/08/04
Army of the Dead GW's Pellenor Fields fearsome surprise 15/08/04
Babylon's   Burning! Or is it, that may depend on these rules from Hertzerdog 15/08/04
July 2004
Events Page

The Events page has been repaired, sorry for the considerable delay

Big Battalions

Reinforcements have arrived! The latest news!


Steve Crofts checks out the Persian Allies 

Dadi & Piombo Italy's premier gaming mag 11/7/04
TableTop Games  All change, the details are here 11/7/04
Storm of Chaos Games Workshop show us the dark side 11/7/04
Napoleonic Naval Ospreys take to the waves 11/7/04
Partizan The Newark show is given the Croft's treatment 11/7/04

The latest Lord of the Rings releases


High quality terrain modules

Not to be Missed?

Shows and events


Do you want to know what is going to change in the Forum?


No not pugilists but the latest 15mm colonials from Lancashire Games


Your chance to win a copy of Burning Horizon!

Bloody Albuera A battle report from the guys at Mossborough! 29/6/04
Terrain Tips A new publication from Games Workshop 29/6/04
Battle of Delium Lessons for Wargaming from Bob Crumpton 29/6/04
Hexon II A new terrain concept from Kallistra 29/6/04
Spanish Guerillas A new release from Osprey reviewed 29/6/04
Salute 2004 The London show, and UK showpiece visited by a Northern Lad! 29/6/04
Ainsty Check out the graveyard shift! 29/6/04
TROUPES LEGERES 1680-1763 Nosworthys Tactical Studies series reviewed 29/6/04
June 2004
Robin Hood

His Amazing Adventures by Moif

Miniature Wargames

The latest issue detailed

  Not to be missed?


 De Bellis Airfixus Something new from Old Master, Phil Barker... not quite! 08/06/04
  Waiting in the Wings  An unfinished poem for D Day 04/06/04
  Burning Horizons  Review of the World War 2 PC game from CDV 04/06/04
  Triples 2004  Picture report of the Sheffield games fest! 04/06/04
  Operation Goodwood  Book Review of Pen and Swords latest 04/06/04
  Artizan  The latest releases 04/06/04
  Amazon  News 04/06/04
  Players wanted  At Origins 04/06/04
  Painting Guide  For Morons!!!!! 04/06/04
  Mirliton  latest news from the UK stockist 04/06/04
  News from Charon The quality case for your wargames figures 04/06/04
  Air Wargames Society Interested in helping start one? 04/06/04


May 2004

from Homer's Illiad An extract from the story of Troy; Homer's Illiad 27/05/04
Wargames Illustrated The new super-duper, all colour, new style magazine. Check it out 27/05/04
Not to be missed So much more to do! 21/05/04
Troy What did we think of the blockbuster movie? 21/05/04
Society of Ancients Battle day report 21/05/04
Harlem Heights An AWI scenario from MAD gamers 21/05/04
TFT Update with stacks of new models for you lucky people 21/05/04
Norman Castles Osprey study these fortifications in detail 21/05/04
Figures in Comfort Packaging & Storage designed for the Wargamer, and much more 18/05/04
Front Rank New War of Spanish Succession Range on their new Website 18/05/04
Dixon Miniatures All the familiar Dixon Ranges on a new Website 18/05/04
An Age of Warfare New Working downloadable demo versions of ECW software 12/05/04
Miniature Wargames The latest bumper issue 11/5/04
Mongol Warriors Dave Lanchester checks out the Osprey release 11/5/04
Chelgames  Stockists of high quality figure cases and much much more 11/5/04
Random Shots Bob Crumpton discusses the problems posed by rules to the  Phalanx 11/5/04
Tumbling Dice Full figure lists from TD, Aircraft and Ships top follow... 10/5/04
Big Battalions Ready painted wargame units to grace your battlefield 10/5/04
Cogs News of this popular show 9/5/04
Heavenly Bodies Steve Crofts checks out Chiltern Miniatures Olympians 9/5/04
Kaisers Warlords  Osprey publications study the German generals of World War 1 9/5/04
Charon Productions Highest quality figure carrying cases 9/5/04
Not to be missed  Look here for the gen on a host of Wargaming events Worldwide! 8/5/04
Waterloo   Details of anniversary celebrations (have a French dictionary handy) 8/5/04
Wargames Illustrated  Latest Issue details 7/5/04

April 2004

Dadi & Piombo latest issue details 22/4/04
Rus Steve has been busy busy busy, this time with Navigator's Dark Age range 14/4/04
Bolt Action  Painting report on this new range 14/4/04
Advanced Basing  Steve Crofts spills more beans in Random shots 14/4/04
Babylon's Burning  A post apocalypse warriors from Hertzerdog 14/4/04
Book Reviews  A bumper crop of reviews from the fall of Berlin to the fall of the Alamo 14/4/04
Mordor Troll  Steve Crofts goes to town on this GW heavyweight 14/4/04
South Africa Triumphant   International Competition report 14/4/04
Players Wanted!  Refight the battle of Zorndorf 14/4/04
Random Shots  The Origins of Games Workshop's Chaos examined 12/4/04
Miniature Wargames  The May issue out now! 12/4/04
Figures in Comfort Price update...  the price quoted originally was incorrect, now amended 2/4/04
Wargames Illustrated  Issue 199 available now! 2/4/04
Mirliton  U.K. stockist! 2/4/04
Dungeon Dudes  Latest Update 2/4/04
Charon Figure Case  Transport your armies in style with Chelgames 2/4/04
Gent's Selection XXX rated models from GZG reviewed! 2/04/04
Napoleonic Pics At the Napoleonic Gallery 2/4/04
South Africa news!  Gauteng Competition report 2/4/04
Fighting 15s Now stocks Eureka! 2/4/04
Book Review  The Pendulum of Battle - Operation Goodwood 2/4/04
Heroes of the West LOTR release from Games Workshop 2/4/02

MARCH 2004

Fiasco/Phalanx 03  Sorry for the late reports 31/03/04
Combat Hex  LOTR from Sabretooth, the games checked out! 31/03/04
Figures in Comfort  Transport your armies in safety 31/03/04
Tumbling Dice Superb miniature aircraft 31/03/04
Urgent - Stolen Problems at Alumwell 15/3/04
Sabretooth Games  Latest releases revealed 14/3/04
The Square  Resin cast scenery reviewed 14/3/04
Overlord 2004 Short report on this years Abingdon show 14/3/04
Basing Your Figures  Steve Crofts secret recipes revealed 12/03/04
Front Rank Latest news! 12/03/04
Fraser McLean Reporting a sad loss to the hobby 12/03/04
Fantasy Partizan Show Report 12/03/04
Desert Rats PC game 12/03/04
Britcon *Important announcement* 12/03/04
Special Forces Book review, Brassey's Publishing 12/03/04
Vapnartak Show report 12/03/04
Albuera MAD Wargamers get ready for the Triples 12/03/04
Fiasco and Phalanx Show reports 12/03/04
Dungeon Dudes Latest News 12/03/04
News from Artizan Latest News 12/03/04
Miniature Wargames The latest issue and contents 09/03/04
Tumbling Dice  Hundreds of 20mm figures, including the Old Contemptibles and more


10mm from Old Glory  three extensive New ranges of exquisitely detailed 10mm figures...


Skytrex   Introducing the vast Skytrex Ranges to Wargames Forum




February 2004 

Editorial - Such wise words, a lesson to us all!

The Age of Marlborough - Steve paints up the new releases from Lancashire Games

Vis Bellica - The latest lists now available!

Warfare - The Editor visits this popular show 

The Square - The finishing touches for your townscapes

The Society of Ancients - A day of exciting gaming

New Poem - this one by special request

TFT- The latest news from this prolific company 

Ospreynew releases from this prodigious publisher Napoleonics, ACW and Modern

Pratzen Heights - Our Heritage under threat?

Peter Pig - Mike Andress casts his eye over the WW2 range


Games Workshop Brettonians

News From Artizan

S.A.S. - New releases from Brooks Miniatures

Greenhill Books - Napoleonic releases

Random Shorts - Holiday pics for the ACW fan

Big Greeks - Steve Crofts checks out ancients from Irregular

Jenesis Fantasy - Have you seen these dungeon explorers?

Mordor Orcs - Steve at it again, this man never lets his paintbrush dry, this time with Games Workshop's LOTR offerings

Not to be Missed - A host of shows and events going to hit the circuit soon!

January Update  

  Vendel - New releases

  Dadi.Com2003 - Italy's foremost show, picture report

  More shows not to be missed

  Product Review - Games Workshop, FOA, Baccus, given the once over

Random Shorts - Return of the King

  Book Reviews - Fill up those shelves

  Commissioned Ranks - A High Quality painting service from one of the UK's best

  Vapnartak - News about this great show

  Fantasy and Sci Fi Partizan - What a way to spend a Sunday?

  Free Rules - Something for nothing!

  GMB news update

  Online Wargame Club Discussion


December Update 


  News from Artizan

  Games Workshop - Steve Crofts reviews the Barrow Wights!

  Dungeon Dudes latest

  Force of Arms Review - Vietnam

  Games Day and the Games Workshop Hobby - show report and more musings

  German Army of WW1 - Osprey release

  Gripping Beast - A painting review of the Republican Romans, from Steve Crofts

  Historical Strategy Recreations latest

  Knights of Minas Tirith - Latest GW release

  Velvet Glove Command - Steve again! Passing his eyes and brushes over these Newbold releases

  Yom Kippur War - Osprey review 

  Tewkesbury - A review from Dave Lanchester

  The Ottoman Empire - Dave Lanchester again.... I said he is indefatigable!

  Blood in the Snow - Porstmouth Napoleonic Society recall the battle of Sahagun


November Update



  Master and Commander - The film reviewed

  Shows - Stuck for somewhere to go?

  Newbold - check out the latest heroic fighters

  The Other Partizan 2003 - Show report, better late than never

  Amazon - A great offer

  Jack Aubrey Commands - Book Review

  Ian Hinds - latest news

  Vendel - Figure review the Macedonians

  Gallery Update

  International - South Africa update

  Plains of Waterloo - New poem

  Derby World Team Championships - Show report

  Monlunda - Update

  Vis Bellica - Latest offerings

  1st Crusade - Osprey book review

  Colours - Show report

  News from Charon

  Battlefields Trust - 2004 Provisional Programme

  News from Artizan

  Ainsty Castings - New to you?

  News from 1st Corps - Get something for nothing......no really!



October Update



  Autumn Editorial - Wise words from the Editor..........*Bah!!!!*

  Alexander the Great - The latest WAB add on checked out

  Artizan - Latest news

  Games Workshop's Balins Guard - painting report

  Battlefield - A new addition for your bookshelf?

  Gallery - New pics for your delectation

  Border Wars - US Convention

  Britcom - Steve Crofts reports

  Claymore - Scotland's finest checked out

  COGS - Show news

  Chariots of War - The PC game thoroughly gone over....oh yes!

  English Civil War Fortifications - Fresh from Osprey

  Fidelis Models - latest news

  Wargaming Weekend - Spend some time gaming with the best!

  Genghis Khan - Osprey take on the Mongols

  Greenhill Books - latest news

  The Iroquois - Osprey look into the forests

  The Journal - Read about the recent changes, then log on

  No Quarter - Fantasy gaming

  News from South Africa - is this the most active nation in the gaming World?

  Tito's Partizans - Andy Callan reviews this Osprey release

  SELWG - Show news

  Swindon Siege - More show news

  Warhammer Ancient Battles- Doubles competition..... so you think you are good eh?

  Warrior 03 - Show news

  Fall In 2003 - Fancy a trip to Baltimore? (PDF File)



September Update 


   Front Rank - Hotly awaited new releases!

   All at Sea - Naval rules well worth a look

   Baccus 6mm Seven Years War

   Ceasefire - Show report

   Eye of Terror- Cadians from Games Workshop reviewed

   Medieval Scandinavian Armies - New from Osprey

   Warcry - Fantasy cardgame

   Britannia Models - New contact details

   Figure review - The new releases from Front Rank are checked out!


August Update 

   Partizan II - want to save money?

   T.F.T. - The best in sci-fi scenery, latest releases

   Conway Maritime - Summer catalogue

   Napoleonic Fair - Great news for Napoleonic fans

   Phalanx 2003 - Be there!

   Artizan - A host of goodies

   Greenhill Books - New release for Napoleonic fans

   Cotton Jim's - Super quality flags

   Adventures in the Back of Beyond - The low down on a superb and successful campaign

   Battlegroup South - A long long drive to sleep under canvas

   Gulf War - In cardboard?

   Vis Bellica - The latest lists

   Games Workshop - Beasts of Chaos and Eye of Terror publications

   International - South African update

   New Poem - From New Zealand this time

   Brasseys - recent release

   Random Shorts - Korea, Monmouth Rebellion, and Operation Bluecoat shorts from BGS

   How to Paint - Available now from Games Workshop, and they should know how!

   Osprey Releases - Tannenburg, Torres Vedras, Siege Engines, French in Egypt, Austro-Hungarians in WW1, Auldearn

  Shadow and Flame - Middle earth releases from Games workshop

  Ainsty - Fresh releases from this quality trader

  Despatches - Your letters and mails

  Bob Connor - Sad news of one of the UK hobby's stalwarts


July Update



  Old Glory - New releases

  New Gallery Pics

  Partizan 2003 - Hmmmmm? Can this show get any better?

  T.F.T - Superb sc-fi terrain, at a reasonable price...the latest news

  Book Reviews - New releases from Osprey, Brasseys and more

  Monlunda Update

  MoFo Miniatures

  Amazon Miniatures - Adventures in Araby

  Baccus - Superb Samurai

  Crusader - Spanish Medieval in 28mm

  Random Shots - ACW action at Gaines Mill

  Kallistra - Quality in 10mm Fantasy

  Newbold World - Featuring the Iron Fist Command

  Reiver Miniatures - Monmouth Rebels and King's men in 28mm

  New Poem - In praise of French courage

  Random Shorts - Dishonesty and lack of responsibility a new curse?

  Sash and Sabre - Quality ACW figurines

  News from South Africa - West Cape Competition results

  Artizan - Latest update


Tudor "pricker"

June Update 

  Games Workshop - A host of new releases

  Fiasco -An apology

  Greenhill Books - Announce a classic!

  Artizan Designs - The latest news

  Ian Hinds - June list

Random Shots - A very special article this month, especially for World War 1 gamers

Dixon's Miniatures - Review of some of the latest samurai and Dark Age releases

Dadi and Piomo - Italy's foremost gaming magazine

Salute 2003 - The UK's biggest and most controversial show

Osprey Fortress - Review of Pacific Island Fortifications

Harry's War - Life in the trenches from Brassey's

Shieldwall - A full review of this fascinating boardgame

Jame's Naval History - Pure magic from Conway's

T.F.T. - The best sci-fi resin terrain?.....You judge

Triples 2003 - Hot times in Sheffield

Fidelis Models - Latest newsletter

Phil Greg painters - newsletter

Battlecards: World Conflict - Fighting WW2 on your coffee table

Osprey Fokkers - WW1 aircraft of the Aces

Vis Bellica Lists Volume 1 -  The title says it all!



  Prireme Publications

  Latest News from South Africa


May Update

  Battledress Studios - High quality painting at affordable prices, pages updated

  Artizan Designs - Latest newsletter and releases

  Dixon's Miniatures -listing updated including New Vikings and Samurai

  Monte Cassino - Random Shots report on the award winning display from Sherwood Wargamers

  New Poem - War is a cruel, dirty business as this Soviet scout found out

  Fantasy Partizan - A pictoral report of some amazing games

  Front Rank - The latest exciting reinforcements for the Austrian and Russia Napoleonic ranges

  Reiver Castings - A new company and their first releases

  Newbold Enterprises - An overview of this growing company with BIG ideas

  Cossacks - Another Osprey classic?

  Lancashire Games - Medievals, Crimea, and so much more...

  An Italian Job - Vene Vidi Vici (we hope!), a continental comment of Triples

  Saurians - Lizardmen, ferocious warriors from Games Workshop

  Old Glory - The complete listing including new releases

  Napoleonic Fair - Bad news I am afraid!

  Fidelis - Latest list

  Crusader Miniatures - The latest news

  Colonial American Troops - New from Osprey

  Old Glory - New prices in operations

Monte Cassino see Random Shots

April Update

South Africa News - KwaZulu Natal Championships

Despatches - Your mails and queries

Recon 2003 - A reminder of this US show

Heroes - A study in courage on the table top from Simon Norburn

Westwind - Dwarf Wars - advanced news from this prolific company

Games Workshop's Battlefleet Gothic - A fresh look at this popular Sci-Fi gaming system

  Alumwell 2003 - The editor reports on this popular Midlands show

  Fire and Fury UK Championships - Dates and venue

  Two Towers Strategy Game - Review

  T.F.T. - The newsletter from this maker of excellent sci-fi terrain

Northern DBM League - 2nd round news and results from York

  1st Corps - News from the fine manufacturer

  Editorial - Words of great wisdom for the Springtime from the Webmaster

  1643 - The latest section of John Ramscar's mammoth research project

  Big Battalions - Andy Copestake states his case for more models on the table

  South Africa - latest update from this active association

Vis Bellica latest

Britcon 2003

Monlunda - Modular fantasy campaigning

Redoubt Enterprises- French Indian Wars in 28mm

Osprey C18th - French Indian wars and Frederick the Great

Rules Review - The Long Road North

  Picture Gallery - Yours pics

  New Poem - A stirring Civil War ditty

Lancashire Games Samurai on the attack

Renaissance Galley warfare -New from osprey reviewed here

Games Workshop, The Two Towers and The future of Wargaming! - including review of some fine figures

HCH Figure Painting - First class painting at very affordable prices

Panzer Marsch - The popular World War 2 rules are checked out!

Napoleonic Fair- Press report

Salamander Books - Review the current release

Elite Miniatures - Latest releases

Vapnartak 2003 - New venue, but was the trip worth it?


Ghost Ship spotted at Alumwell


Easy as ...AB - See new releases from Anthony Barton

Peasants War - New From Osprey

Bachus 6mm - Renaissance Poles

Shieldwall - A new strategy boardgame

Book Review - Everything you wanted to know about WW2 ships? 

Flatcon - News of the 2003 US show



Slitherine Strategies - PC games for the discerning wargamers

Book Review - Leadership....and command.....Do you know the difference?

News from South Africa - Update on the international Page

News from Amazon - Looking for a good deal? Check this out

News from Ian Hinds - Latest figure list now available, and other news

Book Review - History Today

Napoleonics from HCH, check out their advert

Reviews - The latest Modern infantry from Brooks Miniatures, and Sci Fi terrain from TFT

Recon 2002 - The Webmaster hits Pudsey, and has a ball

Events Guide - Fully updated follow the link from the home page

International Page - Updates from Belgium, New Zealand, Canada and the USA

D.B.N. - a fresh approach to a popular period, what do you think?

B.M.S.S. - 2003 events in the Manchester area

Spartans from the very talented brush of Kevin Robson

Old Glory 25s - Lists updated

Triples - Info on this deservedly popular show

Book Reviews - a classic from The Pike and Shot Society

Dixons Miniatures - Note the new website address

Marcher 2002 - Wargaming on the borders - show report

Random Shots - The Chronology of the British Civil Wars - 1642

Gladiator - Anglo Danes

The Two Towers - Is the film worth the trip?

Warfare - The Editor strikes South!

Senussi Revolt - What was it? Where? When?.....and who makes the figures?

Alexander! Foundry figures painted by Carl Robson

Welsh Speaking Indians - Bob Black at it again

Battlefield Trust visits- Time to get off your sofas and to march in the field!

  Reviews - Modern Afghans, Robin Hood, Sedgemoor, Three Musketeers, just for you!

  EDITORIAL - A special thank you from the Webmaster

Foundry German painted by Paul Colfer


  The 2nd Fiasco 2002 - Fun and games at the Royal Armouries and loads of pics!

   S A National Handicap Championships and Committee election Results

Vis Bellica - A new approach to Ancient gaming from Robert Avery check it out here

Solo rules for Plains Indian Wars - Mark Ainsworth shows you how to fill a long winters night

Medieval Italian Armies - The new release from Osprey reviewed

Wargamer 02 - Paul Kay reports on this popular Midlands show.

Vampire Wars - These popular rules reviewed by a Forum reader

Elan 3rd Edition - The latest volume of these popular Napoleonic rules, with a twist

Grubby Tanks - Italian Paratroops of World War 2

Fall of the Big Men - New short from Bob Black

A Battlehonours Panther in the boccage from the talented Mike Andress


Amazon - Something special for your Russian front

Portcullis Enterprises - A special range of resin cast buildings and vehicles

Hordes and Heroes - Superb fantasy in a small scale

Armies of Arcana - Thanes games fantasy rules given the Forum once over

Byzantine Wars - Review of the new Osprey


  World Wargame Championships Derby ....A fresh look at this revamped show 

  Chiltern Miniatures - New to you.....well look closely

  Portcullis Enterprises - Resin terrain, AFVs and more

   Renegade Review - A closer look at this exciting new company

   News From South Africa - Wargames Union Annual elections

   West Wind - Samurai Wars

   Size Does Matter! - A powerful discussion of the comparative merits of a smaller scale

   Reviews - Baccus 6mm Napoleonics, Hordes and Heroes fantasy from Kallistra

  Christmas 1914 - As Remembrance Day draws near a new poem

  Crusader Miniatures - Dark Age Normans to make your mouth water

  Grubby Tanks - A new range of unusual World War 2 subjects

  South African wargames Calendar for 2003


New from Osprey - latest book review

Merry Christmas from Elite

Random Shorts - NEW - check it out

  Amazon Miniatures - New release

  Book Reviews - The latest from Osprey Publishing , Putnam's and Shieldwall

  Phalanx 2002 - Report on the popular North West Show

  Battlefields Trust - upcoming events

  Mentioned in dispatches - your views

  Elite Miniatures newsletter

  Gauteng School Competition results

  Bloody Badajoz - Part 2 of A Peninsular Journal

  Show Review - A Sunny Sunday drive to Kelham Hall and The Other Partizan

  Editorial - Autumn

  B & B Miniatures - 20mm Samurai, an exciting and innovative range!

  South African competition results and National team trials

  Your mailings - Mentioned in Dispatches

  Figure Review - Brooks Miniatures


   Figure Review - Front Rank Napoleonics

Superb Medievals from Front rank

Front Rank - a) Price change

                                b) New Netherlands and Nassau Napoleonics

Gauteng Schools Wargames Championships - South Africa

Armies of Arcana - New Edition of the popular Fantasy rules from the USA

Brooks Miniatures - An exciting new range of 28mm Moderns

International Page - more South African competition results....do these boys never stop?

Crusader Miniatures - Fine 28mm figures - just released The Normans

Book reviews

Oh How It Grew! - Ever wonder what it takes to put on an award winning display game?


Celts from Renegade

International Page - Free State Provincial Wargames championships

Greenhill Books - Napoleonic Show announcement

  Dacians - A new range of figures from Lancashire Games

  Ceasefire02 - Mailed Fist present their annual show

  International page - The Kiwis show us the way a game should be presented!

   International page - South African Competition results and news

   New from Old Glory - New 25mm Napoleon in Egypt Range ! also Command Decision Vietnam, plus more WWII stuff

   FlatCon 2002 - Show news from the USA

   Salute 2002 - Paul Kay hits the big city

  History is Bunk! - Andy Copestake lets rip!

  A walk in the sun - Random Shots visits the Peninsular

   International - SA competition results

   Show report - Fiasco 2002

    Show report - Triples 2002

  Bernard Cornwell - Exclusive interview

    South Africa - details of an ancient, but popular boardgame and more competitions

   TM terrain - Simply the best custom built buildings and terrain you can buy



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